Kinshasa, DRC!

Here is a bit of information that I got about the place where I will be living for at least the next little while.  It should be interesting at the very least:

Kinshasa DRC, a sprawling filthy city of 6-8 million people, full of extremes in wealth, sights, smells, and sounds.  It is actually amazing as well as disturbing, at times.

We are living 300 miles south of the equator so the weather is usually hot and humid with usual temps in the mid 90’s during the day and down to the mid 70’s at night. The climate in Lubumbashi and Goma can often reach some cooler temps so plan accordingly in case you end up there overnight. Generally plan on warm temps so dress appropriately...


 I have finished the exam that I needed to do here in South Africa and am getting closer to getting to work.  I am supposed to do a flight test this weekend and then my validation will be complete.

I’ll see if the place looks like the picture.


6 Responses to “Kinshasa, DRC!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    There’s a chaise lounge at that pool with your name on it…

  2. mormor Says:

    looks like a “modern city” sometimes pictures are better than reality. Fly carefully. mormor

  3. janhasbro Says:

    Hey Patrick – loved the animal park pics, as well as your “running” commentary! Looking forward to your latest adventures.

  4. Smullins Says:

    Let me know if you would recommend someone to visit you while you are in Kinshasa. I’m unemployed as of March 7th and SWA won’t need me until late April.

  5. Uncle Luis Says:

    Getting better at catching/cooking your own chicken?
    Glad you are having a positive experience.
    Looking forward to your pics while airborne
    Be safe, Luis

  6. Jay Katchi Says:

    Hi Buds,
    Good to know you are having a nice time in Kin. Stayed for the best part of 13-14 Years here. How is the situation these days. Evacuated when we went through the genocide in Rwanda and the eventual pilliage of every major Zairean city.
    Well do keep in touch as some old friends might be around and would also like to know “whats happening these days”
    You can mention my name around and most probs you will meet people who have either known me personally, or have heard about me.
    Take care,

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