How to Overload a DC-8

So you might be wondering how someone might be able to load a DC-8 ten tons overweight (as I was after talking to this plane’s Co-Pilot in Kisangani a few days ago) and here’s how:

How to overload a DC-8

All it took was the truck making a 19 point turn with the help of a bunch of loaders lifting the back.  Do this several more times (with more trucks) and then pack in the rest of the space with pineapples, bananas, parrots and monkeys and there you go.



2 Responses to “How to Overload a DC-8”

  1. janhasbro Says:

    Great picture, Patrick. You probably keep your camera ready at all times (other than flying the plane, of course). I don’t remember if you said that overloading was one of the causes of the plane going down in that crash. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    We keep praying and hope you keep writing.
    Janet & Larry

  2. Penny Hilliard-Gonzales Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I was working in the office last Fri. and your Auntie was showing me this cool blog you have going. AMAZING!!! All of it! My jaw is just on the floor. You’ll have so many stories to pass on to your children and grandchildren, not to mention the all you get to experience “in person”! What a remarkable journey. I’m thrilled for you. I’m hooked on the entries and stories. Keep em coming!! Stay safe and we pray for you daily, never doubt that!!! Talk to you soon!
    Be blessed, cuz you’re a blessing!!!

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