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The Lake Kivu Monster

June 11, 2008

This past weekend brought a deep see adventure that would rival anything Jacques Cousteau ever did.  Ok, not really, but it was fun. 

I decided to join a couple of the other Air Serv pilots (Luke and David) in a fishing expedition.  Dave is also supposed to be known as “The Big D” as people named David can very rarely be known as purely David.  Anyway, the fishing was somewhat less than extremely successful, which could be only partially blamed on the constant loss of hooks to the bottom of Lake Kivu.  I did manage to catch a crab that was hanging out on a rock just below the surface.  His capture had less to do with my angling abilities as it did with the crab’s curiosity with shiny things.  We tried to use the captured crab as bait to catch the big fish that must be in the lake, but that proved to be futile.  The hooks just kept collecting on the bottom of the lake.

Frustrated by the loss of fishing equipment, we decided to launch an underwater expedition to find what was capturing our hooks.  We put aside our fears of the fabled Lake Kivu Monster (Congolese equivalent of Nessie), donned masks and fins and submerged beneath the waves.  It was shocking how quickly the lake got deep.  It seemed to go down at about a 70 degree angle.  We managed to go down about 30 feet or so and found a bunch of things that could have snagged the fishing gear like tires, logs and even a chain-link fence.  Dave managed to bring up one of the logs, but we will probably need a rope or something to get the other stuff up. 

We must have looked really funny to the passing pirogues.  We were a bunch of really white Mazungus popping to the surface like a series of reflective light houses warning them of the rocks (don’t worry, there will be no pictures).  I bet they thought we were crazy. 

No signs of the Lake Kivu monster were seen, not even babies or eggs.  I think they hatch from eggs, but no one is really sure.  The one sure thing is that if do manage to find a Lake Kivu Monster egg, you must leave it alone as I am sure the monster does not appreciate Mazungu’s messing with it’s eggs.