Classic Goma

Almost all of Goma is built on the lava flows that have come from the volcano at various times.  The latest flow in 2002 trapped some vehicles.  I took this picture on the way to the Air Serv office.  They are building right on top of the most recent flow.  I guess lava isn’t supposed to flow over the same place twice. 

These wooden scooter type things are all over the place here.  They come in various sizes and are usually carrying a very heavy load.  By the airport we usually see them cruising down the hill with hundreds of pounds of charcoal, wood, food, or a half dozen people. 

Here is another road through “downtown” Goma.  There are hundreds of these small motorbikes that take people around.  On the back you’ll usually see the passenger(s) (sometimes several people) carrying all sorts of things.  I wish I had a picture of the one I saw with a very large pig on the back that was squealing the whole way. 

Apparently, the helmet laws are even enforced in Goma (at least for the driver), but there doesn’t seem to be any regulation on the type or quality of helmet to be worn.  I’ve seen everything from a hockey helmet to a construction hard hat on the top of their heads.  The one below is split nearly in half.  At least it looks cool.


2 Responses to “Classic Goma”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Those guys look really happy to be riding with their helmets… Maybe I should bust one of mine in half to see… maybe more ventilation

  2. mormor Says:

    Great pictures, Patrick, keep them coming! You made some of those kids very happy….you have a lot of varied experiences while you are there. It is so interesting for me to follow along with the pictures you send, soooo more!!!!! mormor

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