Bethsaida Orphanage

This afternoon we went to an orphanage that is not too far from the house here in Goma.  It was a bit of an adventure getting there since we didn’t really know where it was other than that it was “beyond Hotel Karibu”.  The first place we ended up wasn’t an orphanage at all.  It was some sort of compound for the Seventh Day Adventist church here in Goma.  We didn’t know that at the time so we went in and were introduced to the man who ran the place.  He told us that it wasn’t an orphanage and gave us (incorrect) directions to the Bethsaida orphanage.  The kids were all happy to see us and the people in charge seemed happy to have us there too.

Except for when the whole bunch was playing some sort of keep-away game with the ball we brought, this boy wouldn’t let go of my hand the whole time we were there.  A lot of them were also fascinated by my arm hair and kept tugging at it.  I guess they don’t get up close to Mazungus too often. 

The adults said that they were in need of school supplies and clothes for the kids.  I think we will try to see what we can find locally, but if anyone knows of a bunch of kids clothing sitting around, let me know.


5 Responses to “Bethsaida Orphanage”

  1. Nikolas Says:

    hi.i miss you.come back soon.

  2. Matthew Says:

    I would have to watch out, they’d be pulling on my chest and back hairs… Awesome pictures. Egypt in 2 weeks, boo yah

  3. janhasbro Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Great pictures. What kind of school supplies do they need? Pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers, chalk? How many kids are there? Maybe we could send some stuff with your dad and Matt when you meet them. Let me know.

    Janet HasB.

  4. Shu Says:

    Nice pics. By the way, did you lose some weight?

  5. John Sullivan Says:


    I’ve been reading with great interest your blog. I am a freshwater fish biologist planning a 9-month stay in Kisangani for 2009-2010. I’ve been to the DRC before, but I could certainly benefit from your experience there. At some point I’ll have to make plans to get to Kisangani from Kinshasa at which time your advice will be most valuable. Keep up your good work!

    John Sullivan

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