It’s been a few weeks since I came back from R&R in Egypt.  It was an amazing trip.  My dad and brother flew over from the States to meet me there.  For me it was getting at least halfway back to civilization.  I guess the thing that struck first was the condition of the roads.  I’ve been used to bracing myself everytime a car starts moving for either the kidney-jarring lava of Goma or the potholes that seem like they could swallow a small car on the roads in Kinshasa.  When we were leaving the Cairo airport in the taxi, I could feel myself tensing up waiting for the beating to begin.  It took a few miles before I realized that the roads were smooth and even generally lit by streetlights at night. 

The three of us discovered that riding camels is possibly the least comfortable mode of transportation that we have yet attempted.
The three of us on camels
I am not sure if there is such a thing as a happy camel even if it’s name is Mickey Mouse.
Here we managed to sneak a few blocks up one of the pyramids before seeing the “No Climbing” sign.
This is in Luxor on the way to the Valley of the Kings.
This is what happens when someone tries to take your picture after spending all day in the hot sun after not sleeping too well on “Sleeper Train”.
So, R&R was fun, but it was also nice to get back to work.  I was surprised that I made my connection in Nairobi on the way back after a 45 minute delay leaving Cairo and only one hour scheduled on the ground between flights.  I was not surprised when my bag failed to meet me in Kinshasa.  Luckily the bag made its way there the next day and I had a few days off after I got back to Kinshasa to recover from my R&R.

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  1. Matthew Says:

    Awesome times…

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