How Not to Make a Bed

OK, I think I am pretty open to other cultures and customs, but this is NOT the proper way to make a bed:



5 Responses to “How Not to Make a Bed”

  1. Alex Says:

    haha, you should lay down with your head hanging off one end, and your feet sticking out the other. Then tell the person who made the bed that you will need a longer bed, this one is wide enough, but not long enough…then snap your fingers a few times.

  2. Matthew Says:


  3. Xandra Says:

    Until you posted this picutre, I thought it was only our housekeepers who didn’t know how to make a proper bed! Awesome.

  4. janhasbro Says:

    I’ve heard of short-sheeting a bed, but that’s ridiculous! Maybe you just needed a laugh after the whole visa thing.

  5. amber Says:

    I don’t see an issue. There is a sheet, a pillow, and I’m assuming a mattress underneath. What’s the problem?

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